Pearl MMX vs Mapex Black Panther Black Widow


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Hi guys! I'm in a serious doubt. I have a chance to score used but in great condition Pearl MMX snare 14" x 6.5", 5mm maple shells, die cast mastercast hoops. But in a shop nearby, new Black Panther line is coming and Black Widow has caught my eye and ear. I quite like it's sound. It's also 5mm maple shell, but 14" x 5". And it's amazingly beautiful, though Pearl is a piano black finish and it looks nice too... What do you suggest to me? Pearl is 315$ (brand new one would be 600$) and Black Widow is 420$ (musical instruments are much more expensive where I come from). Soundwise I'm looking for a versatile snare, music is 50% rock, 20% funk, 20% jazz, and 10% pop. I like warm woody but crisp tone, nice rimshots and not too high/bright snare sound. And I'm also not a fan of ringing... Not totally dead sound but with little or no ringing. Thanks for help!

Hi Nikola,

I don't know if you have already made your decision, but I recently bought a Black Widow and I'm very pleased with it. I was looking for a similar sort of sound to what you describe (warm but quite dry) and it has exactly those qualities.


Are you interested in a Tama Starphonic Bubinga? Might be perfect. I'm selling a mint one. PM me if interested.

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6.5 depth on the MMX snare may make it sound a bit soft and laggy. A 5mm shell isn't going to be cutting, and I feel that depth would mellow it out even more.