pearl masters premium


How long is the wait time really for a masters premium kit? I know it says 4-6 months but I wondered if I could get any input from people with expierience
The reason why you see those wait times in the various forums, because it actually does take that long.

Pearl isn't going to make your kit, box it and ship it. They are going to wait until batches are done, load all the kits onto a ship, THEN send the kits.

Blk Diamond

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When I ordered my Pearl Masters Custom MRX kit back in 2006 it took five months for them to arrive. So when Pearl says 4-6 months they mean it. Actually the time seemed to pass fairly quickly for me. I remember drooling over the product catalog for the first couple of months in anticipation of their arrival. Eventually they were shuffled to the back of my mind. I knew they were coming, but that was still months away and I knew that I had to be patient. The day that I got the call from the store telling me that my new kit had arrived was like Christmas in October. My patience was rewarded with one of the finest drum kits I have ever laid sticks on.