Pearl Free Floater - changing the shell depth


Hello drum enthusiasts.

I have a brass Pearl Free floating piccollo snare, 3.5inches. I am looking to buy the 5" inch maple shell. Logic tells me if I simply buy longer tension rods along with the shell, I should be able to use the deeper shell with the piccollo free floating system.

But before I spend money and shop an item halfway across the world, can somebody who maybe knows more tell me if I am definately wrong?

Any help is appreciated!


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Yes....this can be done. Just purchase longer tension rods.

Too bad you are half way round the world as I have a set of lugs for a Pearl 5" deep free floating drum that I don't need.
I purchased a used 5" maple free floating snare off Ebay and converted it to a 6.5" deep brass free floater with some lugs I received along with the brass shell for the 6.5" drum.


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Longer tension rods will do the trick. I do that a lot with my FF frame that was originally for a 3.5" drum. It works great to turn your drum into a 5.5". If you make it a 6.5" you're talking about some pretty long tension rods, but it can still work.

You can, if you want, get a set of longer FF lugs from Pearl, which would look a little better and probably be a little stronger than the bare T-rod when you get to 6.5" and beyond -- I believe they're in the neighborhood of $100 per set.