Pearl Export Bass Drum Hoops


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So, I have a Pearl Export kit in standard sizes, however not to long ago, the bass drum pedal protector slipped off, and left a huge mark on my hoop.

I'm wanting to switch them out for all wood hoops with no wrap (I personally like natural wood hoops) Now is it fine to use any 22" Hoop? I want it to match my snare wood (I have a Ludwig Brick 14"x7" snare)

Simply put, can I use any 22" Hoop on my bass drum?


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Give consideration to the type of edge your hoop claws expect (rounded-Gretsch/squared-DW).

Aside from that, 22" is a standard diameter, and the hoop fits to the head's collar/step. So if a 22" Remo head fits, a 22" hoop will fit.
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Matt Bo Eder

Agreed with "usually". Take a look at your current tension rod claws to see if they're fitted for rounded hoops or squared off hoops, then go out and get the appropriate hoops. Gibraltar makes very good natural maple or gloss black ones you can get through I recommend those as I've owned a few - very solid hoops.