Pearl experts - need help finding a part


Hey everyone, long time lurker here. I'm wondering if any of you Pearl experts can help me find a pair of replace bass drum spurs for an MRX (I think?) series kit.

While I much prefer the discourse here at Drummerworld, I tried joining PDF first because it appears that their first aid forum has a direct line into Gene Okamoto... but alas, 3 weeks and a few emails later, they have yet to approve my registration. Weird.

Anyway, my church uses what I think is an early 90s MRX, and one of the kick drum spur wing nuts is stripped out so the drum lays unevenly on the floor and scoots around in a semi-circle when played. Obnoxious.

The badges on the drum are a gold color with maroon writing. In a maroon band across the center of the badge it says "ALL MAPLE SHELL," with "MADE IN TAIWAN" in the lower right hand corner. The kick's serial number is 700381. The spurs mount in a 3-hole triangular pattern to the shell. Can anyone tell me 1) exactly what series this is, 2) whether replacement spurs are available, and 3) where do I obtain a set?

Thanks very much to all and thanks for being such an informative community.


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If the drums have long lugs, it's an MLX.

If not, I believe the MRX is right.

Peal BD spurs have not changed much over the years.

I think the Pearl SP30/2 BD will work if you want to replace the entire spur.


My understanding is that the MLX was a lacquer finish, while MRX was a wrap... but it is hard to find confirmation on that. In any case thanks for the lead, hopefully it will be a direct fit.

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Hey Shirai,

I believe that the badge you have on your church's Pearl kit looks like this one.

If so, then the kit is a MLX. Pearl used those badges sometime between 1988-1992.
In 1993 Pearl introduces the Masters Series, with different badges.
The MRX debuts in 1997, and are offered in many lacquer finishes.

Here's a couple of cool links:

Click on the 1987 Pearl Drum Catalog on this one. On the 8th page it shows a bass drum sitting sideways. Does the church's kit have spurs like the one in the picture?

Here's a history/timeline of the Masters Series from the PDF.

I hope that this helps a bit. At least it's a start. :)


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Yeah, that's the exact same badge. The spurs on that 1987 catalog look identical to the ones on our church kit (though ours does not have those high-tension lugs), and I was wrong - they are a 4-hole diamond shape mounting pattern, not a 3-hole triangular like I originally thought. The catalog calls them 730P. I wonder if the modern day P-30/2 carries same dimensions between the mounting screws. I believe I will just go ahead and order a set and try them out, as it doesn't seem the 730P is readily available these days.

Many thanks for the guidance. I'll follow up with the results.


Should anybody ever need this information and come across it when searching this forum:

I ordered a set of the current model SP-30 spurs from Guitar Center online, and they were a direct bolt-on to replace the bass drum spurs on a late 80's to early 90's Pearl MRX kit as described above. Problem solved. No more scooting around when playing the kick.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my question.

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That's great news Shirai!

Glad to hear that the replacement spurs worked out. :)