Pearl Eliminator slide problem


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It's been awhile and I have a question. I am trying more and more to do the slide technique but it is very difficult. I have watched countless videos and I have a confident understanding of how it works. But here is the question, what is a good pair of shoes to wear when practicing/attempting this? Right now I have a pair of new balance 409. Plenty of flex in the foot but no slide ability to speak of. Any suggestions? And yes, I have removed some of the rubber pads in the footboard as well as switching the plate around. Thank you for any sound advice.


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tried it in socks??

i practically only play in socks so i cant really help but they can help with slide i have no problems but im on a 9000. try finding ot what jojo mayer wears he slides around a fair bit something somilar to converses if i recall correctly


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Play in socks man or barefoot once you get used to it, it will feel nicer and feel like you have more control .


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IMO, all the great slide videos make this technique very appealing and desirable.
I actually started out with the Elim POWESHIFTER (not the Demon). Nice with all the adjustments.

I thought rubber grips on the pedal were hampering my slide, so I switched over to the DW9000. A little smoother footboard, but still couldn't fly on it. Switched shoes to the Vans and Converse, Converse seemed to have a lighter sole and nice touch to it - my choice. I didn't want to do socks or barefoot since the band leaves the stage after opening at church.

When all is said and done, it was more technique than equipment. I have seen the slide videos done with crappy pedals and big old honker shoes. I'm using more of a quick Heel-up "Toe-Tap", then slide. Can't blame my equipment or shoes now. Polish the technique first. But the slide IS sexy.