Pearl eliminator question.


So, I have a pearl p2002b (strap drive) eliminator.

I play with the springs on the highest tension and I practice about 4 hours a day 5 days a week.

The spring on my master pedal is starting to really squeak...
I lowered the tension down a to medium but when I get into really high speeds it starts up again...

If I spay it with WD-40 or oil it up with 3-in-1 will this help? Or have I messed the spring up from too much play.

P.S I've only had em for about a month and a half.


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All pedals squeak at one time or another. I'd stay away from WD-40 and use the oil at all points where the spring is making contact with the pedal. Go back to the tension you normally like.


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WD-40 isn't that great.

I'd try some silicone spray.

Spray it on a rag (soak a spot), and rub it on the spring, and the contact points.
This is what I use on mine if they start to squeak a little.

Also, If you like a heavier spring, try the DW heavy duty spring on my Eliminators.
I use it on my Eliminator pedals and it's a really nice, long lasting spring.

How do you like the strap on the Elim?

I tried it on mine because I usually really like a strap drive feel, but I went back to the double chain.
The chain actually felt more like my DW 5000 strap (that my son 'stole' and put on his kit!).


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Just use some sewing machine oil, it works wonders!
Yes, that stuff will work too, and it last a pretty long time.

I didn't think about that stuff at all (and we have 3 embroidery machines at work...running as I type....duh)!


Turns out after thoroughly checking where the sound came from that it was the little piece where the spring connects to the beater angle adjustment the spring and that little hoop it sits in were rubbing on eachother a little bit too hard, 3in1 did the trick :)

Thanks for the suggestions.