Pearl eliminator heavy springs.


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Hi everyone. I recently bought a pearl eliminator redline. Really happy with the overall feel but there is one thing that bothers me: the springs are not tight enough. I used to have a dw 3000 that I equipped with heavy dw springs. And it felt tight. Now even if I set the eliminator springs to max tension they feel sloppy. I bought the Tama HP900-7H heavy springs, every review said that they were super heavy, I put them on and they feel even lighter than the pearl's. Do you know a good, heavy, compatible spring for my eliminator?

Tony Marz

all i can contribute is the fact that I have a double demon drive and its wayyyy too light and fast for my classic rock band style drumming. That probably doesn't help you much though.
I need a heavy hitting double pedal so I guess I have the opposite problem as you?


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all high end pedals are on the lighter side. A lot of people say iron cobras are heavy, but I find them pretty light, so it's all about what you played before I guess. I'd check out some lower end pedals (pearl powershifters, dw's, etc) if you want something on the heavy side.


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A little late, but you could increase your beater angle. This will increase the stretch of the spring at the end of the stroke.