Pearl Eliminator chain


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Why do you want to do this? The footboard angle can be adjusted in three steps, do you need more?


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Depends. Some you can, some you can't. You would be able to at the cam. The little plate that holds the chain on has fingers. Just move the whole plate down a link. That's if your chain assembly is like that. If it is one piece at the ends, you will have to remove a link.

Undo that screw at the cam. You will know immediately if you can shorten it there or not. If not, just put the screw back. No harm, no foul. And if not, just adjust the pedal the way it was designed.


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I can't imagine requiring a steeper angle than what is possible with the stock adjustments. Your shin muscles would be crying in pain.


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Some techniques work better with more angle, some work better with a flatter board. Other factors like seat height will also make a difference.

I had the same issue with the pedal. I put a tough rubber grommet around the screw that connects the chain to the footboard so it acts as a spacer making the footboard angle a little steeper. This just about brings it inline with the Iron Cobra factory settings so I don’t think it’s an extreme ask for more footboard angle. For a pedal that has so much versatility, I’m surprised they have a pretty limited angle range compared to any other pedal.
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