Pearl E-Pro Live


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Has anybody had the chance to play this e-kit or maybe seen the live demo at NAMM? I'm curious about the module and also about the heads. The price seems to be more realistic than Roland kits. Any input would be appreciated!


I played it for 3 hrs....was not impressed at all. Pads are like cardboard, sounds are worse than rolands. I went with a DTX 3 and truly you should look at one also.


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Do a search. There is a long thread about it around here somewhere.
It might be part of a "NAMM report" thread.

Overall, almost no one was impressed with them.


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Thanks for the replys. No need for me to look any further as my local Guitar Center now has them on the floor. First impressions - the heads resemble dinner plates and don't have the feeling I was hoping for. The module sounds were okay, but not inspiring at all. I walked away rather disappointed overall...


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yep was just in GC yesterday and saw the demo, guy handed me some sticks and just the first hit on the drum pad turned me off. The feeling of the heads is horrible and the cymbals felt lousy to hit. After 5-10 minutes I walked away and thought "really this is the best they could come up with". Now I understand why Dennis Chambers looked so unhappy playing them in the Pearl demo! I'd take a rubber pad from yamaha or roland (I'm not much of a fan of those pads either)over those pearl heads any day!!!!!


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I thikn even the demo's on the Pearl site they site rubbish..........

I have the DTXtreme III also and wouldn't entertain selling to buy the Pearl