Pearl drum set in Blues Brothers movie


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I watched the original Blues Brothers movie tonight and during the car chase in the shopping mall the Brother's car hits a shop with a Pearl acrylic (clear) drum set in the window. The movie was made in 1980 and I can't find out any information about a Pearl acrylic set from that era. Does anyone know where I should look or, better yet, does anyone know about Pearl acrylic sets from that era. Thanks in advance.


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They did indeed exist.

They were called the Crystal Beat.

Pearl recently brought back the Crystal Beat name.

I am not sure of their original time line. But in the 70's and early 80's, Pearl experimented with several non-wood drum series.


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Hollywood is right, first the tequila sunrise set gets it, then the wood Pearls. So where are these clear drums I hear mentioned? I don't see a set of clear drums anywhere. I do see a gong I want though.


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Thanks Hollywood. I checked out the link and see that in the first shot I saw the Pearl logo on the bass head and then in the second shot I saw the Ludwigs fly out the window and thought that they were the Pearls. When I paused both shots I now see that the Pearls were wood and the acrylics were Ludwig. Thanks for clearing up my mistake. Love your handle by the way. My hometown, although I think it's probably more about the Ludwig Hollywood set that the town.



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Berst movie cop car chase EVER!!

I always wondered about that mall. I must have been slated for demolition or super-duty renovation when you see all the destruction caused during that scene.