Pearl Demon Drive. NOT Over hyped.


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I had the chance to play this pedal, and let me tell you, this is the most amazingly, smooth pedal I have ever played. And I have played alot. This thing just sticks to your foot. At first I thought it was way TOO smooth. But once you really start getting a feel for it, it is hard to go back to another. The design looked flawless, and overall I really enjoyed playing it.

I also thought it was over hyped, but not anymore. So any one looking for a great new pedal should check this one out to.



Where were you able to get your feet on it? I thought they didn't come out until the end of the month / beginning of next month
I received my single last night. Havent been able to go back home at this point to check it out. I would say the only down side to the DDs is the fact that U cant go from single to double. Ohh well either way Im not a double pedal guy hehehehe
But I guess it would be beneficial to a lot of double pedal drummers to have that option


I also got to try a pair of them recently. If you pull back the slave beater and let it go, it oscillates back and forth for close to probably 20 seconds before stopping. The LEFT pedal! There's practically zero friction whatsoever with these bad boys. Just ordered my double yesterday.