Pearl Decade color options...


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Of course color for the wrap on shells is a personal opinion...But just wondering what owners of the Pearl Decade kit think of the Ocean Galaxy color option?
On the sweetwater sight it looks really green, but just watched the sweetwater youtube vid review and it looks blue. Under different lighting of course, but as far as what that color looks like under normal home lights??

The used Decade maple kit Im buying this week is Ocean Galaxy. Took me awhile to come around to liking the 'sparkle' wraps, but now, I dig!
For a couple hundred more, I could buy a new kit, possibly in the Slate Galaxy color...a bit torn between the two. Color isnt a huge priority to me, but since I'm dropping the money, might as well get what really looks nice overall!

Slate vs Ocean? Just wondering what the Ocean really looks like...


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Yea, good question. Some pics it looks really green.. others not so much.

I'm gonna go out on a limb (never seeing it in person), but with a name like "ocean Galaxy" I want to believe it would be more greenish -blue than the real green one in the SW add.

But hey, either one looks cool, so go on your instinct , (or flip a coin). ;)

Whatever you do, be sure to post pics.. you got me really curious now.
Good Luck

A local store has been stuck with a slate galaxy kit for years now. Nobody wants it. It just doesn't look good in person.

I don't think I'd like that Ocean one either. It's just that it's not really a classic sparkle wrap like you'd see on a Gretsch or Ludwig, it's just... I don't know what they were going for.

Of course finish is a subjective thing and that's just my opinion. But seeing how they can't get rid of it, I guess I'm not the only one.


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Guess I'll find out soon (ocean)!
It looks pretty badass in that sweetwater youtube review (my opinion of course)...just wanted to see what that color looks like under normal lights.


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Decades are on close-out at SW: $499. That's marked down $250.

I like them both. For me, it would be a tossup. I wonder which color would be easier to find in the add-on packages? You know you want the add-ons, too. Get them while you can.



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Its sold out everywhere in the Ocean color, I was going to buy a used set in that colorway but it fell through so looking at new Decade's.
And yeah the Ocean looked amazing, on the sweetwater site it looks green but on the sweetwater youtube vid review it looks more blueish, depending on lighting Im sure.

But right now, narrowed my choices down to Crimson Galaxy (sparkle look) or Slate Galaxy (sparkle)...wondering if anyone has either owned one in those colors or seen it in person?