Pearl BLX


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How old is it? Will it clean up? Is it in good , great shape?
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I just sold mine last year. I bought it new in 1991.
It was in very condition. Sequoia red 10, 12, 13, 16 and 22. shell pack only (I included the tom arms. Anyway, I got $850 cdn for it.
I sold it in like a day. I had fairly new heads on it too (batter and resonant).
Not many people around that are looking for a full lug design, furthermore, with everything leaning toward thinner shells and the more suspended the drum the better I feel I was lucky to get that price. In all fairness I did put a great ad together and I took awesome pictures of the kit, it really did look hot. The buyer was from a south american country who has been living in canada for like two years. He told me that he has wanted a blx since he was a kid when they first came out, but they were just too damn expensive down there. I guess he is reliving his childhood.
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I'm the 3rd owner of this kit, and i was told it was about 20-30 years old, its in fantastic shape, a few small paint chips(1 mm big) on the bass drums, but other then that it is in mint condition pretty much. No damage to the shells or paint work(except for the paint chips on bass drums).