Pearl Artisan Snare?


Hey all,
So i've been wanting to buy a new snare. I've got a ludwig acrolite from the late 70s that I bought off of a fellow DWer but I want a wooden snare as well. (even if it means replacing my acro)

So I've been searching for cheap snares under $175. The Tama superstars are tempting since I have a superstar kit. I'd prefer to buy one used like on craigslist but seems like ppl just aren't selling mid level snares these days.

So my question is, what do you guys think of this one?
I can get it for a little cheaper than that. and i've had good experience with pearl snares.
and it's made of maple! which is good i hear.... lol
it just seems almost too good to be true... which is why i'm asking you guys! the pros! hahahah to see if it really is...
thanks for reading!


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Not a very high quality drum 1.6 hoops, 8 lugs and would be much better off looking used..maybe ebay or guitar should be able to get something much better used... a Black Panther, Pork pie ect.. even a Pearl Masters used for under 200