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Well, let's see. We're in year 3 of a pandemic and all that comes with it. After years of struggling for a living wage, $15 an hour is being touted as a savior while the average selling home price in the USA is $408,000.00 There's a solid and growing consensus among the scientific community we're well into an extinction level event re: climate and overshoot. Stuff like that could have something to do with it. On the bright side, being an asshole online hopefully spares the dog sore ribs.
Ahhhh, a curmudgeon after my own heart. 🖤


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Ahhhh, a curmudgeon after my own heart. 🖤

funny how bringers of truth are called "curmudgeons" in the present...and "brilliant" or "ahead of their time" in the future...

and to would be cool to still see your insights as a regular one of us "schlubs" from tine to time, but if not...stay safe, and keep the beat!!!


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Johnny Retire?? that's sort of like Obi-wan Kenobi who can say he's retired but he was still a Jedi Knight.
Whose going to correct me now when I get carried away in vulgarity.
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Two years ago I attempted to relinguish my duties as a Mod. because I felt like I was doing very well administering what I consider a comprehensive, but fair set of rules for the forum, but at every turn was met with comments about discriminating, misreading posts, assuming things, etc. Bernhard asked me to stay until we found someone to take my place. That never happened, so I stayed. Now, I don't feel much different and it is no longer worth the battle. To see mostly grown men, not be able to have a discussion without wandering off subject, or being offended by someone elses opinion, was no longer worth. In my time here, I have locked 5 threads. 2 of them were re-opened, including one from a few days ago. I wasn't chosen for the job for my drumming skills or for my talent of making friends, or being afraid to offend a friend by enforcing the forum rules. I was chosen for my administration skills and organization. The biggest issue is members refusal to follow rules. No matter how petty they may appear when first read. All one has to do is look at the number of members of the site, and the number of people who have read the rules. "Those rules are for other people." I have tried to do my moderating by use of PM, and not out in the open, although at times I have done so in public so others will understand the situation, and understand my side of the rule. I understand I am not perfect, and that some of my rulings may not have been correct. I have been overruled more than once, and understood why, and moved on. Whether i do, or did a good job is not for me to decide, but you, the members, and Bernhard. I understand the world has become a bit more liberal place since the rules were first written, and a few have been changed or modified. My attempt was to only rule as they were written, and not try to hard to interpret.

To those of you who disagree, you needn't worry. I did retire, but again said I would pop in once in a while to help out. Today, I retire. Have fun, try not to give Bernhard, Jon, Andy and Larry the respect they have earned and try not to act like you've been stabbed in the heart if one of your threads or posts are moderated. Peace.
While I don't know you personally I'm sure you did a good job. I haven't had any issues with you. I wish you well and thank you for helping all that you have to keep this forum the great place that it is. God bless.


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I have never had any problem with any of the mods here. Not at all.

Well...That newest Mod guy keeps showing his picture...(frustrated face)
I'd challenge him to a duel, but I haven't finished my trebuchet yet.
Then I'll have to raise some "launching cattle"...It's a process.