PDP Maple X7 Opinions?


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Take your time, play as many kits as you can, trust your ears and eyes.

The best kit in the world is the kit that inspires you to sit down and play.

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I'm late to the party, but I'll give a review anyway.

I've had a PDP X7 maple since January of this year. After 7 months, I can say I am very happy with the purchase. There were no QC issues at all. The bearing edges are well cut and the finishes are pretty. The STM tom mounts work well and you can arrange the toms low and close together (which I like).

On the interior of the shells, the maple isn't sanded as smooth as on some more expensive maple kits, which should reduce the resonance slightly. It's not necessarily a bad thing and likely one the ways they save money on production.

I'm using Evans EC2 SST on the toms with the stock resonant heads. I would the describe the sound of the toms as warm, punchy & fat, with good resonance (and not at all boxy or dull). The tuning range is fairly broad. I have the resonant heads tuned a bit higher than the batters, and the batters are setup for attack (fairly loose).

The low light of the set is the snare, which I could never get quite where I wanted it although I would describe it's sound as "okay", and the stock batter heads which got dented up after 30 minutes of playing. This goes for nearly every set in this price range.

I think people should refrain from judging a set until they have heard it, as things can change quickly. My first set was a Pearl Export series from the mid-90s; it was made of poplar and cost $1500 at the time. The PDP X7, which is made of maple, has 2 extra drums, and was $600 cheaper, absolutely blew the Pearl kit away in sound quality.

I think the X7 Maple kit represents great overall value. It is certainly not the best sounding kit on the planet, but for sound quality at this price point, it's hard to beat.


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