PDP Hi-Hat Stand-Very Limited Range of Up and Down Motion. Thoughts?


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I recently got a used PDP Hi-Hat stand as a throw in with a used kit. It is excellent quality, I believe it is from their 900 series. It is heavy with double braced legs (3 leg) and a swiveling tripod and a memory lock for the upper tube, and the spring tension is adjustable with a round, plastic flywheel.

The problem I am having is that when I press down on the pedal, it has a very limited range of motion before it "maxes out" and won't go down any further. There is nothing blocking the underside of the pedal and it has ample room to go down further, and the clutch is way up on the pull rod, several inches above the seat, so it's not the clutch hitting the seat that is preventing from going down further. It has to be something on the inside of the lower tube (tripod) that is preventing it from going down further. From completely relaxed, to all the way pushed down as far as it will go (maxed out), the range of motion is only 1.5". All my other hi-hat stands have at least double that range of motion. It seems really small and something doesn't appear to be right.

Is this common with PDP hi-hat stands? Any thoughts?


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Springs lose tension over time, and frequently get tightened to the breaking point before they are replaced---bass drum pedals have extension springs, and hi-hat stands have compression springs---loosen the tension as far as it will go, and check the travel---if you get full travel your spring is shot, and something like this one is what you need (just the spring)


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one up the tube and check out the rod and its connection.
though ya it sounds like the spring is screwed up.


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I'm not sure what you mean by "travel".

With the tension all the way loose, the spring is still tight. In other words, if I put a normal weight hi-hat cymbal on the clutch and put it on the upper pull rod, the spring does not "give" or "sag" at all and the cymbal stays put where it was; it doesn't drop at all, even with the tension adjusted at the loosest possible tension.

I know that hi-hat stands use compression strings. I have restored multiple vintage hi-hat stands to proper working condition, including complete disassembly, cleaning, re-lubricating and re-assembly such as Ludwig 1123-1 (Spur Lock), Slingerland Dynamo and Rogers Swan Leg just to name a few, so I know may way around the inner workings of hi-hat stands and know how they function. I just haven't run into this particular problem before, nor have ever played a PDP hi-hat stand before, nor have I ever completely disassembled a hi-hat stand with an adjustable spring tension before.

I also don't know what "all the way up Dave Grohl style" means. I'm assuming that you mean the top tube is adjusted as high as it will go with just a tiny bit of the upper pull rod visible. This is NOT the case, as I said in my original post, the clutch sits several inches above the seat on the top tube (where the bottom cymbal rests) and about 12" of the upper pull rod is exposed.

Thanks for your responses. I'm just still stumped on this one.