PDP FS black w/black hw

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Here's my baby, 5 drums and 7 cymbals (including two sets of hats) using just two cymbal stands. It's set up for max comfort -
close offset toms, xhat+ride over the bass drum (I cut the rod of the xhat so I could mount the ride as low as possible),
and the slave pedal to the left of the hihat pedal to get the hats nice and close. Toms are 10", 12" and 14" so they are easy to fit into place.
I thought that I'd need some larger and deeper toms for metal, but these work just fine. The limiting factors seem to be
the stock reso-heads and my tuning skills, not the drums themselves.

14"x5" snare
10/12/14" toms (don't remember the depths lol)
20"x18" kick

14" Zildjian A Custom hats (actually a Mastersound top over a regular bottom, which I presume is the same thing as a regular A-custom)
12" Saluda china (a bit too intense and trashy for my needs. I wanna try to stack it with a 10" splash at some point)
18" Istanbul Samatya crash (very good for the price, I used it as my only cymbal for 6 months)
12" Bosphorus Gold splash
18" Saluda china
20" Paiste Alpha Full Ride (like the bell, the bow not so much. Also crashing it is too overpowering to use regularily).
14" Paista Alpha top/Paiste 502 bottom xhat (these aren't even close to the A customs)

Pearl P122TW - to be replaced by my newly aquired Axis AL2 when I've gotten used to the feel
Fame 2-legged hh stand
Fame Snare stand
Old tama single braced straight stand
Old Gibraltar boom stand
Old pearl cymbal arm mounted on the bass drum
2x Fame cymbal holders+clamps
Ghetto xhat comprised of a tube, two clamps and a sonor xhat holder
Fame throne w/backrest

The Fame hardware is good value for money, at least for a kit not used for gigging. I haven't fiddled around with it enough to know if it's road-safe.
The throne isn't great, I want to replace that sometime soon, probably gonna get a First Chair w/ergo rider seat, hydraulix and a backrest.
I also want to replace the pearl cymbal arm and the tama stand at some point, as well as getting a crash to put at the far right side.


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Very sexy...

I love PDP drums. They have served me very, very well on the road and in the studio. They ain't high dollar either and sound excellent.

Hissig Gompen

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Yeah, the kit was an absolute steal at €335 brand new.

20" Paiste Alpha Full Ride (like the bell, the bow not so much. Also crashing it is too overpowering to use regularily).
After listening to a recording of a rehearsal I've changed my mind a little about crashing the ride, doesn't sound very good from the driver's seat, but on tape and prolly from the audience it'll do nicely as a crash at the end of a long tom run.


Nice kit, awesome price! Too bad the photo's are a bit blurry. Nice cymbal selection too.

Hissig Gompen

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Yeah, sorry about the quality of the pics. Crappy camera with a semi-cracked screen so it was hard to check them. Also my bandmates were eager to go home after a long rehearsal - if I arrive early some time soon I'll try to take some better pics.


pdp drums are awesome, i dont understand why everyone says that they suck, i have a pdp x7 and i put some evans ec2s on it and i have it set up with the 10 and 12 inch toms to the left of my bass drum and i think it sounds unbelievable, they actually have a pretty good tuning range too, shortly after i bought mine i saw a pacific platinum online for like 700 bucks and it was a six piece too so in a way i wish i waited but im still more than happy with mine