PDP BX Fusion series drum kit, Any Good? Or suggest some others.


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hey guys,

Yea, my band and i are starting to get some gig offers and i need a kit to play on! i want an entry level, entry being into the music industry, kit and something that isnt a peice of crap, and neither something that a pro would use.
we play alternate rock/indie
Im looking around for a good kit around $1500(not inc. cymbals) and am leaning toward the PDP BX fusion series kit with birch shells and; 10" 12" an 14" toms with an 18 22 bass + snare. its price is $1599 inc all hardware, so do you think it would be a good kit? has anybody played one before?

also in the way of Cymbal Packages, im looking an Zildjian ZXTs or ZBT. are these good for alternate rock like playing or would you suggest others less that or arround $800.

feel free to suggest other kits and cymbals you think would be good for alternate Rock/Indie arround that price and thanks for looking!

P.S.(Pic is of a 6pc kit. just take out one floor tom.)



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It looks like you're in Australia and I've heard that drumming gear is more expensive there but I don't know whether you're talking US$ or AUS$ but $1,599 seems like a lot for a PDP shell pack.

So, aforementioned market conditions and conversion rates notwithstanding I would say you could probably get a better deal. The PDP kits are of good quality and whether you get a birch or maple kit, they have a pro-level sound with good heads on them. For gigging they hold up to the set-up tear down well but I'm only a weekend warrior so..

I think you need to consider whether you can score a kit with a 16" floor tom. I've never been very happy with the 14x12 that came with my PDP. But others may have had better luck with theirs and it could be the drum that I have, or how I tune it or just me.

Also for that amount of money you could get a used Pro Level kit that will serve you well and have money left over for heads, snares and other stuff you'll need as a working drummer (i.e. cases)

Check out an PDP X7 kit. They're maple and include a 16 floor tom (in the US anyway)

What other brand mid-level kits are available in your area?

Re: Cymbal packages. Buy better cymbals that the ZXT or ZBT even if you have to buy used. You will probably like the sound better. In any case, the best advice I can give is buy with your ears. Cymbal and snare purchases are better made when you can play and hear what you're buying.


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i've never played that kit, but it's probably fine for what you're talking about. i wouldn't put zbt cymbals on it though. it's too nice a kit to have zbts on it, especially if you're looking for "something that a pro would use".