Picked up a floor demo PDP Ace tonight at Best Buy for 99.00 minus 10% off. With all the stock stuff it sounded pretty bad. Stripped it down (it was pretty dirty). Changed the heads to Ambassador/Ambassador Hazy. I didn't like the throw off but had a DW Delta that was from when I changed my main snare to a Mag throw off. I also replaced the snare wired with some DW True Tones (my favorite). Tuned the bottom fairly loose (82 on a Drum Dial) and the top fairly tight (92 on a Drum Dial). I have to say it has a nice dry crack without too much overtone. All and all not a bad sounding snare. Will be perfect for gigging.

Is it a Black Beauty? I don't know. I can't tell that until my Black Beauty comes in sometime in April and I've dropped 550 bucks or so. But I can say it is a good looking and good sounding snare for the price I paid. Even at it's normal price it would be a good sounding snare to gig (after changing the heads of course).


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Congrats on the new snare and the upcoming Black Beauty! $90 for a brass snare isn't a bad deal, certainly for a snare that can be gigged to death with no regret!


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Its the same shell as the BOB and the Sensitone, and those are very well liked by many. For $99, cant go wrong. My local BB didnt have any left in stock, I would probably have picked on up myself. I did pick up a 9000 hi hat stand for $100 tho.