Paypal on Drummerworld question


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Hi, I'm thinking of putting a few items up for sale on this site and was going to go with
a personal check is ok (will ship after it clears) and will ship right away upon receipt of a
cashier's check. I have bought and sold this way for over 50 years and am used to it....BUT,
I realize there are a lot of folks wanting to use Paypal and that in some cases think that
anyone not using it is a scam artist. To offer convenience to those who prefer Paypal transactions I am getting ready to set up the account etc.

I'd appreciate it if someone would talk me through how a transaction with paypal works when
used on this website. I'm figuring someone PM's and says they want to buy the item and if
they say they want to pay with paypal, what next? How is the routing info usually handed

Thanks in advance.....long in the tooth here!


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With Paypal, the person sending the money just needs to know the email address of the person receiving it. There is no need to know anything about where they bank or the account number or anything.


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Nothing will be done through this forum, other than the advertising and the PM.

PayPal asks all users to provide a shipping address. When a transaction is made, the buyer's information is sent via email to the seller - this includes the shipping address.

PayPal is essentially an abstraction layer between a bank account, providing a layer of protection. If you want to buy from PayPal, the money is transferred from your registered bank account, through PayPal and then sent to the PayPal account of the seller, which can then be transferred into the bank account. PayPal takes a commission - check the terms of use for the amount they will subtract from the transaction.


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Once you have the buyer's email address, you should be able to send an invoice to them for the item as well.


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Its as simple as sending an invoice to the buyer via email.
When you receive payment from the buyer you ship.


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Pay Pal charges a fee make sure you consider it in your sale price I think it's about 2.75%