Paul Di'Anno Jailed.



He was charged a few weeks ago.

Said he couldn't work and was found on stage in front of thousands...
Who'd have thought it, eh?

I have to say tho' he's still got it!


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Not long ago, I saw an interview with him on VH-1.

I t was interesting, that he said he was still friends with all the guys in Iron Maiden, even his replacement in Bruce, and he was still a fan of the band. I thought it was refreshing to see, given one would assume a guy like that would be bitter about being thrown out.

So it's sad to read his happy non-bitter spirit is actually involved in fraud.
It's a pity, sad experience on Di'Anno's career.

He should thought about the consequences before hand and specially having a family. Nevertheless, I like his outstanding contribution on Iron Maiden, Killers and Maiden Japan albums.