Paul Anka's Big Band Grunge Show


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Awesome! The music matches his tan.

Would have been nice to see Sinatra do James Brown's Sex Machine too.



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Interesting to see what songs that go into the annals. I have a Tori Amos CD where she does a slow ethereal vocal/piano version. I always thought Purple's Burn would be perfect for a big band reinterpretation - you can really hear the horns in that riff.

PA's Nirvana is good fun - miles more fun that You're Having My Baby, which I really did find cringe-worthy.

Fab arrangement - tho it doesn't reach the giddy heights of Pat Boone's Smoke On the Water IMO ... but then again, nothing does :)


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Very nice. Even the lyrics work.

One of my favourite rock/metal to non-rock covers is Tori Amos's 'Raining Blood'. Somehow retains the atmosphere of the original while being almost unrecognisably different.
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The arrangement is actually quite good in a stock sort of way. There's even a little Basie touch in there, close to the end.

But the whole thing is so...weird, you know?


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Works for me. I especially enjoyed the deliberate over flaring of the brass section. KIS loves brass!!!! KIS wants a brass section.


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Have you checked out his album, "Rock Swings"? It's pretty solid...
Vinnie C does some lovely playing on there. It's the swinging-est album out there, and sometimes the arrangements are too busy for my tastes, but it's cleverly done and the band is impeccable.

The call and response shouting on "Jump" is one of my favorite moments on the album.