Pat Torpey


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I was just listening to some Richie Kotzen stuff, and man, Pat Torpey is one awesome drummer! Always loved his work with Mr. Big, too.

Any other fans here?


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I only know his playing from Mr. Big. I was never into them in their heyday due to that horrid "Just to be the one to be with you" song. But I kept hearing little bits of Paul Gilbert here and there, then I think last year I stumbled over this clip on YouTube:

Lots to like there. Insane parts all around. I found out that it was pulled from the "Mr. Big Live" DVD. I bought mine on evilBay that day. Great show.

Pat Torpey sounds very solid and slamming. He even makes those cheesy tunes feel dang good. He also does a bunch of nice little touches on his fills. All around, just a very good rock drummer.

He also appears on one of Billy Sheehan's old bass instructional videos.

Too bad the band melted down due to various ego problems. Too much of that in this world, sad to say.


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I bought his DVD "Big Drums", pretty cool though there wasn't much new ground. But it's fun if you're a fan.

He tore it up with Mr. Big last August when I saw them. I hope they keep it together and tour more. They're a blast live.


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He was really influential for me to sit a bit lower on the kit & to get better with my footwork.

So solid. His Yesterday solo is still unattainable as what he does with his feet while he's soloing over it is just unreal.

RIP brother. You've changed lives you'll never know.