Pat Petrillo new Kickstarter campaign here!

Pat Petrillo

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Hello, drumming friends

I hope this new year finds you all doing great in your drumming and life endeavors! For me, my life has taken a change for the better in both areas that I would like to share.

Having been a member here for many years, I hope you will allow me to present my new venture to you.

I have launched a new kickstarter campaign for my new online lesson website called Drum Studio! I will be offering live, streaming lessons from my cool new studio in New Jersey as well as live master classes from greats like Gerry Brown, Liberty DeVitto, Bernard Purdie, Paul John Jr, and many other NYC/NJ/Philly area drummers.

Also included in this will be the Groovalution Video lesson Series, which will also be a new DVD with pdf's and mp3 play alongs!

As many of you who follow me on Facebook may know, I am no longer a faculty member at Drummers Collective. I have decided to make this site,, my new "home", so I may bring high quality drum education to the world in this amazing new format.

If you are so inclined, please visit the kickstarter page by following the link, watch the video, and read the many pledge reward incentives I am offering.

Thanks for your time, and please help spread the word!

Paul Quin

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I hope folks will support this! We are a community and Pat is truly one of the best teachers out there. He is open, honest, accessible and an incredible well respected player. His kickstarter campaign is seeking a very modest amount to get the internet side of his practise up and running. There is a whole new generation that should be taught by Pat - and you can help make it happen!


Pat Petrillo

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Hi Guys

Well, we are halfway there at $2500 pledged funds for my kickstarter campaign!..

I'm hoping some of you from drummerworld may help support my efforts to launch Drum Studio and a nee DVD, the Groovalution Video Lesson Series......

Please consider even a $5 pledge...Every little bit helps!!

Please check it out and consider a pledge to help me bring this to the drumming community!

All my best, and thanks for your consideration!