Pat Petrillo here!


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Pat Petrillo Private lessons and masterclass UK London@Elephant drums Sunday March the 17th


I am just trying to spread the word about this so if there are any UK based drummers/teachers on here please help here are the details:

Drum masterclass with Pat Petrillo

Sunday 17th March 2013, 7pm

Up close and personal - This is an intimate masterclass with only 20 participants maximum.

Your chance to meet and study with a master drummer and experienced educator.

The masterclass will focus on hand technique, groove development and session playing skills. There will be Q&A opportunities throughout the session.

ADVANCE BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL - there will be no tickets available on the door on the night!

1-to-1 lessons

Pat is going to be giving private 1-hour lessons at Elephant Drums studios from 10am. These are optional and need to be booked separately, at a price of £50 per hour. 7 private lesson slots are available. Call or email Elephant Drums directly to reserve a 1-to-1 lesson slot.

About Pat

Pat is known for his deep sense of groove, and his ability to cover any musical situation. Throughout his career, Pat has backed a variety of artists, including Patti LaBelle, Gloria Gaynor, Patty Smyth, Constantine Maroulis, and Debbie Gibson, to name a few. He currently performs with trumpeter Al Chez, with bassist Will Lee.

A popular instructor and video artist, Pat’s instructional videos are top sellers worldwide: “Hands, Grooves, & Fills” (Hudson Music), and “Learn to Read Rhythms…Better!” (Alfred Music). Pat is also included on the latest Hudson Ultimate Drum Lesson DVD’s: “Fills and Chops”, and “Hand Technique and Rudiments”.

Always leading the way in drum education, Pat has launched a new Online Lesson site, “Drum Studio Live”, where he broadcasts live lessons, master class events, and hosts International Drum Camps. Visit the site at for more details.

Pat also performs regularly in New York City with his band “Groovallegiance”, featuring bassist Gary Grainger. A veteran Broadway drummer, he has played the original productions of "A Chorus Line", "Grease", "Footloose", and National Tour of "Dreamgirls”.

To purchase tickets for the masterclass please visit:

Pat Petrillo

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Hi Swiss!

Well, for me, it's always been about feel AND timing, so, playing to records was always the way for me to get a good "pocket",,,Being tigh and accurate may not be as important as how it feels WITH the long as everyone is doing it together, thats what matters! an in general, practice at medium slow speeds, from 75-95..this is what gives drummers the hardest times..

All my best!

Pat Petrillo

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Hi everyone!

The Drum Studio Live website is launched!

FREE LIVE LESSONS for the month of May for everyone. Please join me today for a FREE Intermediate Level lesson at 2 PM EST and 9 PM EST.

There is a Chat feature for those who sign up for a Basic Free Account.

Pat Petrillo

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Happy New year, Drummerworld! Thanks, Bernhard, for all you do...

Things are well here in Jersey..Other than my Live Lesson site, I have a new Rudimental Cmbo Lesson Pack on Drum Guru

If you are not familiar with Drum Guru, check out all the great artists lesson packs. It is now also for Android

Let me know what you think, and all the best always!


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Was a fun lesson and he was chatting with people later in the week also.. super nice guy.. I am looking at getting some new cymbals right now and am stuck between this and a omni 22... :(


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Great lesson on drumeo Pat!! I saw it from begining to end with no pause, great advices there. Thks for sharing and congrats!


Hi, Bernhard, and fellow drummers!

What an honor to be part of your great sight! I want to thank you personally for all you do for the drumming community, and for the wonderful page you have created for me.

Fellow drummers around the world, I look forward to hearing from you, and talking about drumming. I will be here frequently to stay in touch!

All the best, and see you out there!

As a teenager I used to have a play along video of Pat Petrillo and I learned a lot about rudiments and some of which I was even able to fit into punk drumming.

Great video and even though I was a punk drummer I could never get up to the Pat Petrillo speeds of these rudiments. Hands were a blur at the higher speeds but I did learn to incorporate a lot of flamadiddles :)

I only had a few videos and that one was played to death and ended up with me having to spool it around before I could play it towards the end.

One of the best instructional videos ever.




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Pat will be doing a clinic at Drum World in Tulsa, OK on May 31. I hope to attend.