Pass of Era's revival thread of wonder and mystery and new CDs!


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Hey everyone! long time no talk! I would say see, but I tend to lurk on this forum more than post these days, so I thought I'd reconnect with some of you and let you know what I've been up to as of late!

For those that don't know, the new (new as of 3 years ago, haha) band has officially released our first EP, "Carried Away"! It's the first collaboration that the three of us made, as our last batch of songs was done with an additional guitarist, and was written for such. This one delves into a darker, moodier and more complex tone compared to my old band, and the chemistry with the other two members feels much stronger than CDs I've been on in the past. It's on iTunes here, or Sound Cloud here. I Hope you enjoy it!

The C&C kit got a new bass drum head courtesy of Drum Art that's a slightly modified version of the cover art, as well as a fancy new Atlas Arch to mount the tom and give it even more of that vintage-y feel. I'll update my old C&C thread with some pics later this week.

Other than that life's good, I got a promotion at work, started working with publicists for the band and we're starting to see this momentum taking us somewhere musically!

Oh, and because why not, here's the single for the new album.



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1st up, great to have you chiming in here again Jonathan. Always admired your playing & contributions.

Good to hear the band is gaining traction, & based on what I'm hearing, well deserved.