Paiste pst7. Crash or ride?


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Hi. Im not that good in english but i hope you understand me. Im a beginner drummer and im looking for a new crash to my kit. For what i have seen/red and from comparrison videos the pst7 thin ride works nice as a crash. I like the smoth sound. The 19" thin crash sound good to but i havent tried them irl. To me the 20" ride sound darker and better but i dont know. Whitch one should i get. And do they sound good irl? Thanks/ björn


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I tried the 20" Light Ride as a crash and liked it. It's a fairly safe purchase as you can always use it a s a regular ride if you don't like it as a crash.

Check out Rob Brown's PST7 review on YouTube. He plays a 20" Light Ride in the video.


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As it happens, I tried both the 19" crash and the 20" Light Ride recently when I was shopping for a left side crash/ride. I was prepared to spend the money for a 2002 or similar but went with the Light Ride as it did anything I asked for. The 19" is pretty good as well but I found the 20" to be more versatile. It blends perfectly with my 2002s and even with my Masters Mellow Ride.