Paiste Hi-Hat Shootout

Jeremy Bender

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Bo's recent thread about returning to 14"s got me looking online at different modes and I came across this cool video from a few years ago. Enjoy, and what do you think?


I listened to this on my iPhone, but overall I think that I liked the 602 Modern Essentials and the 2002 SE the best. I thought that I’d like the Masters but the were a little too dark sounding for my taste, & I play K Custom dark hats and mostly K Constantinople rides.


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The Signature Traditional are beaut, as are the Formula 602 Classics Sounds, but 2002's own my soul.

I owned a set of Paiste 2002, Sound Edge 15's, and loved them, but a couple of months ago splurged and bought myself a set of Paiste 2002, Sound Edge 17's, and they are simply crazy! The crispness, the cut (projection), the clarity, the sound (sweetness to ones ears), ridiculous. Over the top, silly, nuts.

Same goes for my other Paiste 2002 cymbals, I melt every time I play them, and the Paiste Masters 22" Swish I added to the mix, well, that just inspired me to want one or two more Masters, and before I'm done I can see myself scooping-up one or two Paiste Signatures as well.

Paiste speaks my language, they just call out to me.


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It would have been nice if he had some 2002s in there, but otherwise a very good video. I guess you can't own them all.