Paiste experts, I need your help


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I found a used Paiste 20" T20 Prototype Flat Ride at a local shop and picked it up at a great price. I really like this cymbal and would like to find out more about it. I'm not familiar with Paiste's lines, but from what I'm reading online, it seems this may have been the product of a collaboration with Murat Diril, who I know is an important name in cymbal-making, but don't know a ton about.

Here's a photo with the barcode that was on the cymbal.

Can anyone tell me more about this cymbal or cymbal line? Are these prototypes truly unique, or were there entire lines of them released at a time?

Any info anyone has would be appreciated. Thanks!



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Yeah, those prototype cymbals were from a batch of blanks made by Murat Diril.
I had a 22" that was really nice, but I sold it after not using it in my bands.
Too nice of a cymbal to just sit in a case, and it just wasn't going to work for what I was doing.
From what I remember, these were part of what was becoming the Masters line.
Not sure what happened, but I believe they just went a different direction with some parts of the formula, or used someone else, and just sold all these prototypes.
Apparently there were quite a few of these, because I still see them pop up online.

Have fun with it!