Paiste Discontinuing Traditional Line?

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Is Paiste discontinuing their Traditional line or just some models. The reason I asked is I went ot a drum store web site and they said Paiste is no longer making Traditional cymbals. Is this true?


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I would be surprised if they discontinued the entire line but I can see Paiste downsizing this line quite a bit.

Since Dark Energy sales have taken off I bet Traditional sales have dropped.

Also look for new models of Twenty cymbals to come out in 2009. If they do some darker Twentys they would also eat into the Traditional series sales.

Lastly, Paiste is always taking away and adding to their cymbal lines. What else is new.


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Are you sure it wasn't the web store that was discontinuing the line and not Paiste?
I have seen other products discontinued by stores that are slow movers.