Paiste Crush Ride (Dimensions and 2002)

Diet Kirk

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Anyone own one of these bad lads?

Based on the descriptions and sound files I've heard, seems like a crazy cymbal to discontinue.

Started life as the Dimensions crush ride, morphed into the 2002 crush ride and then ceased to exist.

NOT to be confused with the current 2002 WILD crush ride, which sounds a tad horrid in comparison.

I'm intrigued to know if anyone owns are they really akin to the holy grail?


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I had one many years ago - one of the ex-dimensions 2002 versions.

It was an amazing heavy crash but you couldn't get away with using it in anything quieter than a big live stage: it utterly dominates, but not in a harsh, clangy way. It was a surprisingly smooth overall sound...

As a ride it had a subtly complex ping and the bell was like a VERY high pitched anvil.

Definitely unique, and if I was to ever stop playing UFiPs (unlikely!) I'd definitely get another one of the opportunity presented itself.

Diet Kirk

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Does sound interesting, looks like one of those discontinued cymbals that are such a joy to own that nobody ever sells them!

One to add to the list of "If I ever see one I'll get it!"