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Hey guys, I have started to really love paiste cymbals after being a zildjian fan for many many years. I have paiste signature 19 inch full crash, 14 inch dark energy hats and a 22 inch signature full ride. I was thinking about purchasing a 17 inch dark energy crash and was wondering how well this would compliment my setup.. im also open to all sorts of suggestions, i have to order online so I cant really go to a local store unfortunately. Thank you!


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I'd use the Soundroom on Paiste's website and load up your cymbals as well as any others you are interested in trying, and "play" them there until you find the combination you like most.

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The different lines work well together, but sometimes there can be a noticeable volume difference. Since you're looking at all Signature alloy based stuff, you should be fine.

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You should have absolutely no problem at all - the dark energies and normal signatures will blend beautifully. Personally I would go for an 18 or 19 dark energy crash - the DE crashes are quite a bit darker than the normal sig full crashes but - and this is only my opinion - with the 17" DE crash which will obviously be darker but also higher pitched - you may lose some of the contrast with your 19" full crash which you may be looking for. Use the Paiste website's soundroom and A /B the cymbals against each other. Good luck.

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I actually had a quick listen to the soundclips on the website - the 19" DE and 19" Full crashes supplement each other beautifully - dark and bright, a noticeable contrast.


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The signature and dark energy lines are very similar. Dark energy cymbals are just a little heavier and darker, which is a nice alternative to the signature line which is very bright. Pros endorsed by paiste mix these 2 lines all the time, along with paiste chinas.

In fact, I think Steve Jordan uses a 17" signature crash over a 17" dark energy crash as hi hats