Paiste Consistency is kind of crazy. (Also a bit of a New Cymbal Day)


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So quick story, I got a good deal on some custom order Pasite Colorsound 2002 Cymbals that someone had ordered and decided to sell. I figured they might go well as a companion to my standard 2002s for using for certain shows or what not and I ended up getting a pretty good deal on them.

The crazy thing is the weights on these are within 10g of my current 2002s, actually outside of the top HiHat they were within 5g.


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Most Paistes are very consistent because of the way they're made. It's the one brand of cymbal where if you know what a particular size and model sounds like, you can order it online (that is, without having to hear it first) and be pretty sure it will sound like the one you're familiar with.

This consistency can be a benefit, such as replacing a beloved crash (you can expect an almost exact replacement...) but it also makes finding in-between pitches a little more challenging.



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Yes I played a Paiste Signature crash down in Florida a few years ago on a backline kit and fell in love with it! Searched for over a long time for a used version and it finally came up.. (Half price!)... I jumped on it right away because I knew it would sound exactly like what I'd heard in Orlando.. And it did!


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BTW there is a nice Paiste documentary from Drumeo on YouTube. There is a small segment where they're testing a couple of 20" 602 Modern Essentials rides against the master model. Really impressive how 4 out 5 really sound close to the master model.