Paiste Colorsound in green again!


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Here's a few - the first one is a Black Friday special. It'd be worth $8.99 just to hang on a wall :p :

Yeah, unfortunately Remo doesn't do Ambassador weight so I'm holding off on buying a set...for now.


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THAT kit needs the RED Colourounds.
Pretty funny, that kit takes up half of the bandstand in that pub. Would be fun if you setup first before your bandmates and told them to fit in around you.
I'd have to get a mix of colours and go for the real Xmas tree look 😁

Only me on my own down there so I'm loving the extra elbow room, we can't even have a band jam for the foreseeable. I'm enjoying playing my old Ludwig for the first time in ages as I can leave it set up!


How do these hold up to stick marks? I really want a white set but starting to think they will get marked up, even more so than any other color? Anyone have a white Paiste cymbal or seen used ones for sale somewhere that i can look at?


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I'll say there's definitely some attraction to colored cymbals, but how good do they really sound?
Anyone have a line on this?
I tried a blue crash 19 and a red crash 18 t my store and they are really gongy, they had a purple one and I was almost ready to buy it to out it in the kit when we play Purple Rain but I had found a used one in blue, the same color of my kit but it's also gongy, even for the blue one, splash 12"... So, for me they sound basic, nothing like the lines of signatures or dark energy I like...ok, they are not the same price though...


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I think these are actually race car shoes for Formula 1 etc. Might explain his fast DB
YouTuber Rob "Beatdown" Brown has a pair of Puma Ferrari shoes he's worn on some of his videos. Puma sponsored him for a line of merch & the shoes became a focal point.

Gotta have style while shredding the kit you know... ;)