Paiste Alphas or Meinl mb10's, which is better?


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I don't think that one is better than the other , they are different .
I like more the mb10 because they have a shinny glassy sound .
but is really what sound best to your ears .


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the Alpha's are an excellent budget cymbal, but they cannot compete with the Mb10's - these are fantastic cymbals, bright and shimmering cymbals well worth the money...


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They are both good. I prefer the sound of paiste cymbals. Meinls sound too metallic for my taste. The meinls are pretty high up there in price too. so if you want those you better start saving.
Guitar Center carries both Meinl and Paiste cymbals. Go to the nearest one, ask for some demo sticks, then start hitting the floor models. That's what they're there for. Decide for yourself which you like better.

Personally, I prefer the Paiste Alphas.


i have some new paiste alpha's i bought about a year and a half ago and i really like them alot! i don't know about the Meinl know paiste has samples of all their cymbals on their website, so go check that out and also it would be good if you could play them a little bit before you bought!