Paiste 602 - 22" China?

Jeremy Bender

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Thinking about the the new formula 602 M.E. China after hearing a video but I can't find it in a local shop yet.
Anyone own or play this cymbal and your thoughts?


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I doubt many shops would have that in stock. It's a pretty expensive item for most shops to carry and not just order for someone.
Not really something a customer would just walk in and buy, unless they were looking for it specifically.

If you dig the sound, the one you get will be really close, and like Paradiddle Pete said, you aren't going to go wrong with it really.
The only real bummer is not being able to feel it when you strike it.

I have a 22" Paiste Signature China, and it's thinner than the 22" Zildjian Swish I have, and feels totally different upside down, or with the flange upward than the Zildjian--as you would imagine anyway, but it does make me play it differently.

Jeremy Bender

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Thanks, I own the discontinued Paiste Traditionals 22" swish it's a rarity.
I'm thinking of getting a big china to have rivets added to it, so I'm also searching for one in person to hear first as well as getting opinions on its sound.

Yeah I know... drilling holes in a new $500.00 cymbal.


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Drum Center of Portsmouth probably has one in stock .
The 22” Paiste Masters Swish is gorgeous too.

I have owned a few Paiste Traditional Medium light swishes in 20” and 22” and they are fantastic . Not gongy sounding like zildjian or Sabian swishes