Paiste 2002 Crashes vs Medium Crashes


I’m looking at getting 18” and 20” crashes from the 2002 Paiste line, and I am trying to sort out if I should go with the standard crashes or the medium crashes, or a combination. I unfortunately don’t have any store that I can go try them at…so if anyone can give feedback I’d love to hear it…here’s what I’m thinking:

I am currently leaning towards the standard 18” crash and a medium 20” crash. Reasoning being is that the standard 18” is closer in weight to the 18” K Sweet I have now - which I like the feel of when striking it. But I do want something slightly heavier, along with getting the 2002 sound.

I am leaning towards the medium 20” crash because Paiste lists it as having excellent crash and ride functionality, and that flexibility is very appealing to me. In addition I’d like a cymbal that responds well and has excellent feel when “crash riding” which I believe the slightly heavier medium weight would do better with. I also like the slightly higher pitch that the medium weight gives vs. the standard 20”.

The biggest worry I have is if the 20” is gonna respond well if I don’t whack it super hard, or if it’s going to always need a super solid / hard hit to sound good.

Appreciate any feedback or insight, thanks


The two are actually very close in weight: roughly 1490g for the 18" crash and 1550g for the 18" medium.
The medium would be more durable and less prone to crack if you're a hard hitter.
Also, you can't compare B8 weights to B20 cymbals, B20 is on average about 10% heavier for the same given model (this is comparing 2002 weights to 602 and A Zil. weights).