Paiste 2002, B8 but why do they sound so good?


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The title of this thread is misleading. It assumes B'8s are not supposed to sound good. Well if all you've ever heard was Sabian B8's then thats a false perception you may have.
I'm not a big fan of Paiste Twenty's and I could easily make a title: Zildjians- B20 but why do they sound so good?
The PST7 vs 2002 % difference I've noticed depends on many factors, the room its in, the distance of the observer, the obsever ect ect
I've even heard a few say a certain size the PST7 sounds better.

Heck, we have a PST 7 top over a Signature Se that will rival any Zildjian 14", my opinion of course!
In general, I do like the 2002's better, and my son has the 7's and they are perfect and cheap to bash while learning and still sounds close to the 2002's


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I started playing back in the 70s with my Ludwig stainless steel drum set with zildjian cymbals. But, even though I didn't play hard, they started cracking around the bell. So, I figured if led zeppelin and van Halen used 2002s, I'll try them, and I've been playing them ever since.
I've never cracked any of them and I've had a couple dozen over the years.
I'm still playing some 35 years old 2002s too.
The only reason I think the 2002 B8 sound better than other brands B8 cymbals is the manufacturing processes involved. Honestly, most B8 cymbals I've tried sounded like crap, but the 2002 sounded great, that's probably why they're so popular and still making them for over 40 years.
The same thing could be said about B20 cymbals also. I had zildjian when I was a kid that sounded great, but they started cracking around the bell and I'm not a heavy player. I have a couple B20 Paiste cymbals too. But I've never cracked any of my Paiste cymbals and I've got 6 that are 35 years old . Here's what cymbals i have set up with my drums right now. I do have a 35 year old zildjian splash that hasn't cracked yet, but I don't use it as often as the crashes. I'm thinking about getting a 16 inch signature precision crash soon.
Paiste 2002
14" sound edge hihats (x2 pair)
12" 10" splash
13", 14", 15", 17" crash ,
19" power crash
20", 22" rides
8" thin splash
602 series
16" thin crash
Twenty Series
17" thin crash
14" Swiss thin crash
10" splash (35 years old)


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I recently read an old interview with Robert Paiste in which he explained that they simply had no access to B20 bronze that was usable for cymbals until the late 60s when they came out with the Formula 602s. So in all the decades before, they had to learn how to treat nickel-silver and B8 to get the most out of those alloys. Paiste still profits from the knowledge acquired in those days.

Love me some 2002s and Giant Beats.


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A lot of hands-on work goes into Paiste cymbals too which makes their consistency all the more remarkable.

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I've used, B8 and Sabian Pro and they obviously sound different than cast bronze cymbals. I was at guitarcenter the other day and I played a pair of 2002 medium hi hats and I was amazed at their sound. I thought the chick sound was incredible and the sticking was great.

I always thought that they were made from some special alloy but I understand that they are made from B8 alloy. Why do they sound so good?

Do you like them?

Also do you think $199 for a pair of medium hi hats is a good deal also $199 for a matching medium ride?

I recently sold my Sabian Pro line and am in the market for some cymbals. I had budgeted for an Avedis pre pack with the 16 and 18inch crashes (which we discussed earlier) but after hearing the 2002's, I just might go for those.

Any thoughts?
You can't go wrong with using the same cymbals as BONZO! He used 2002s (or thier equivalent then) right?


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You can't go wrong with using the same cymbals as BONZO! He used 2002s (or thier equivalent then) right?
Yes, but the 2002s' of today are not exactly the same as his black label 2002's. His black labels sounded a little closer to the vintage Giant Beats. The new reissue Giant Beats are not exactly like the vintage ones either but they are closer to vintage than the new 2002's to their counterpart.

If you buy new ones to get that sound, the closest you will get is 24", 18", 20" Giant Beat Multi's and the 2002 15" Sound Edge High Hats. Do not recommend the GB high hats or new 2002" ride or crashes, they just don't have that Bonzo sound. ( I have them all and mixed matched already)