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So today at a Pawn Shop I picked up this 20” Paiste Ride as well as a set of Vintage Zildjian Avedis hats. But my question is about the Paiste. After purchasing it, decent sound by the way, I cannot find another like it. It is a 404 and according the serial was made in 86. My question is about the holes, I cannot find another 20” 404 with them online. Does this look like a custom job? The holes are super smooth so if it is it was done very carefully by someone who knew what they were doing.



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404’s were beginner level CuSn8-cymbals, produced from 1978 to 1986.
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I preferred the sound to others they had at the shop, I guess because I am set up in a small room and it was not a real heavy sound. Do you guys think I may have overpaid for it at $90?


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Do you guys think I may have overpaid for it at $90?
If you like the sound of the cymbal and it fits in with your others ..... "does what you want" ..... then no, you didn't overpay. Typically these "ozone" type cymbals are used as crashes .... and are kind of a cross between a crash and a china. Zildjian has a 20" S trash crash that goes for around $190 new .... I bought a Sabian 16" crash that someone had modded kinda like the Zildjian EFX .... and I paid $84 for it.


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404s may have been Paiste's budget line, but some had an excellent sound. I heard one in person and I liked it just as much, if not more, than the 2002 I heard right next to it. I was looking at Paiste's old Profiles book the other day and saw one of the drummers set up included a 404. There may be others. So, no. $90 is not overpaying, IMO. Even with the custom work done on it.

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I used to buy 404 crashes, they were like 25 bucks or so for a 16 or 18 inch crash. They had a really good sound too. They used to crack but for that price ( which wasn't a lot even in the late 80's, ) we kept going back for more.


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If the sound is good, then that's great and pretty much all you need to know.
Had I been in your situation I would have not paid that much money for a modified cymbal who regularly can be found for cheaper in good "original" conditions.
The 404 line was a lower-mid level line that acquired a lot of popularity in recent years because of its resemblance to the 2002 line for much less money, same with the 505 - they all sound a bit different, and depending on your preference you might like 404s or 505s more than 2002, but you can find 404 rides for less than $90 all the time even in Europe where the used market is much smaller.

If you like that ride/crash you should definitely check the current PSTX line, same materials with a different finish and a lot more options for fairly cheap.


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Admittedly I’m a complete newb to cymbals, though I have been playing on and off on the drums for the past 20 years (focus has been more on the piano) I have never bought any gear. Been playing the same old slingerland set, (with original heads) and Kashian cymbals at the church since I started.

I’m just now getting into wanting to really learn to play well and trying to get a setup of my own. I did not know it was a thing for people to mod the cymbals like that, I assumed it was a factory job and a google search was bringing up 20” 404s selling around 100-200 so I figured this was a more rare model and probably worth a little more.

After I got home and started searching I still found nothing and it was why I found myself here, I had to ask somebody.

Anyway I should have done more research before my purchase to know just what i was getting but I guess you live and you learn.

For now I’m content with it, really just needed something to get me going to practice on, btw what do you guys think of Wuhans series made of B20? I needed a splash and got a 10” off amazon for $25. I can’t find anything negative about them, all the reviews rave of how great they sound and can’t believe they don’t cost a great deal more.