Paiste 15" Sound Edge Shootout - 2002, 602, Giant Beat


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Greetings, Adam!

I'm a Paiste guy through and through and relish the sound of all Paiste offerings, however, the 2002 line owns my soul.

I owned a set of Paiste 2002, Sound Edge 15's, and they were outstanding, but my appetite for more got the better of me, so I invested in a set of Paiste 2002, Sound Edge 17's, and the sound and projection they produce is over the top, out of this world.

Great video, and you guys at DCP, keep up the great work!


Nice video. Giant Beats for me. They seem to sit somewhere between the brightness of the 2002 and the smoothness of the 602.

Are the bottom SE cymbals available alone or only as a set with the top? I already have a set that would be cool to add the SE bottom to.


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Great video!
The Giant Beat were my favorite!

The video should be titled "how to drain your bank account in 5 min & 39 seconds....:p