Painting My Drums


Junior Member
I want to paint my drums a new color and I'm needing help figuring out the best way to go about this. Right now my drums are wrapped in all black, and I'm wanting to paint them blue and yellow. I've been told I can just straight up paint over the wrap and then clear coat it and I'll be fine, but if anyone has experience with this or has a better idea I would love to know. Also any ideas on what kind of paint to use would be great as well! Thanks for any and all help!
yep, you can paint over them. it saves the time and effort of pulling off the old wrap and you get to start with a smooth finish compared to the raw shell underneath.

A few things to keep in mind:

1) set up a small "lazy susan" type stand for the shells (it's A LOT easier and you get a more even coat of paint)
2) rough (fine grain sandpaper) and clean your current shells
2) use good quality spray cans
3) take your time and do lots of small coats. don't try to get the colour you want first coat.
4) when clearing - do 3-4 coats, 20-30min intervals, let it set overnight, then rub back with wet and dry sandpaper (1200grade or higher) with soapy water till its totally smooth. buff back with a car buff products.

hope this helps :)