Pain and swelling in right palm/thumb


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Hey guys, first time poster on here, and Im really hoping there are others out there that have experience with this issue. In the past week or two, I've been experiencing soreness and a fair bit of swelling in my right hand, starting in my palm directly inward from my thumb and extending to the rest of my thumb and to a lesser extent, my index finger. It gets sore after I play for a while, and hurts when gripping things (been driving with primarily my left hand, also currently typing this with just my left.)

In the past few months, I have been having troubles with my right foot (non-drumming related) and since my time on the kit has decreased, I've been focusing a lot on my hand technique and this may have exacerbated my hand pain. I use a combination of wrist and finger technique, however finger technique seems to hurt a tad more, and I find myself gripping the stick with my ring/pinky fingers as a result. I'm 19 y/o and have been playing for about 7-8 years, have never experienced anything like this, and would extremely appreciate any feedback.



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If you haven't had this before in 7-8 yrs of drumming, honestly don't count on us diagnosing your hand in a 10 seconds 2 lines reply on the forum... better go see your doctor IMHO. And take some rest.


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Oh boy. Just like picodon I would advise you to visit a doctor since he should know best.

But if I compare the symtoms with the sprained ankle I had just last week I would also cool the area with the swelling, rest it and "store" it high in the air (excuse me, my english is not so good) so the swelling don't get worse.


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I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow, but I thought it couldn't hurt to see if anyone can relate. I've still been playing up to 2 days ago, which probably wasn't a good idea. Gunna rest it and ice it and hope it helps. Any input helps, thanks guys.


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Ice it 20 minutes on,20 minutes off.Keep it elevated amd don't play .Make sure you fast and don't eat or drink anything but water,the night before seeing a doctor.He may want to take blood and urine samples.

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