Pacific PDP MX or CX?


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Can any body tell be the differences between these two kits? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each kit? Can someone give a short review on them.



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My PDP history is a little fuzzy but, here goes.

Both kits had all maple shells.

The "Original" CX did not have the pro STM mounts and were available only in finish-ply colors.

The MX offered Lacquer or satin finishes and pro STM mounts. I'm pretty sure the MX was 8-ply..???

And at the time they were released, it was said that they were one of least expensive All-Maple kit on the market.

Originally they were offered in F.A.S.T. tom sizes only as well.

I have a first-gen CX and recently finished recording with them. The sound quality is awesome!

If you would like to hear some great Metal recorded with PDP drums, might I suggest:


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So in the sound wise, are they about the same? Those recordings were excellent? So what would be the better choice the mx or cx? Quality wise how do they rate to other maple kits? What would be like of equalness by another manufacture? Any more info onthem?


Ozzy Biz

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I think they're the same dums, but the CX is a wrap and the MX a satin finish. I'd go the CX as it's cheaper and for the durability of the wrap over the satin finish.