PA Solution For Living Room/Studio (video)


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I like the overhead mic over the settee. Is that for capturing filmed "activities" Bob?

Loving the mic boom counterbalance weight too ;)


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That´s awesome!

Also, what´s on the tv? Looks like the movie "Shadows".
Dexter Gordon playing his heart out in an old Jazz video.

Andy, there are enough mic-s in that room to make Homeland Security very happy!
Everyone gets a kick out of my mic stand counterweight. Another simple solution.


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That's a perfect living room!
Thank You very much, I think so :)

I selected the chairs that are around the table because they double as musicians chairs. The entire room was decorated with music in mind. If you look at the curtains you will see that mini cymbals are being used where the curtains drape in the corners of the window.