PA buying advice needed...


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I'm thinking of buying a PA for my death metal band for band rehearsals and I need some advice on what size/power to get...

We would probably want 4 inputs to be on the safe side, though I doubt all of them would get used. We're looking for a new rehearsal space at the minute so I don't know anything about the acoustics/size of where we'd be rehearsing.

I'd feel more comfortable buying new as I've never liked buying 2nd hand electricals cos you can never be sure how well it's been treated.

On another note, my gut instinct tells me this won't work without damaging the amp, BUT....I have a Boss vocal FX pedal and my guitarist has an old Marshall head and 4x12 cab...could I save myself having to buy a PA by running the FX pedal into the head thus using the head as an amp and the cab as speakers? That would only give us 1 mic, but nothing a small mixer can't remedy.


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We need to know, & so do you, what you intend putting through the PA. For practicing, just putting vocals through is good enough. Vocals through a Marshall head & 4x12 won't sound great, but it's better than nothing, & good enough for basic reference.

Tips: If you think you might want to use this new PA for live work, get a mixer with many more inputs than you need. The increase in cost can be quite small, especially compared to the cost of increasing inputs later on.

Go for the best quality you can, every time. Quality trumps power ratings & quantity.


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Currently running a power amp/mini 2input mixer through a bass cab. Doesn't sound amazing but we had the stuff lying around after our real PA we were borrowing was sold. No plans to use it live but for practice it's ok until we replace it. I imagine the marshall/4x12 will sound eh but it's better than nothing.


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Cheers, ok that's my worries of screwing the amp up laid to rest...

Going back to the PA, any brands/models that are worth a look?

Bo Eder

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Yamaha will do (for everything if you had to). I love Crown for their amplifiers. EAW or Meyer make great cabinets.
But I'll bet you're not even budgeting that high. Check out the PA systems they sell as kits in Musicians Friend. Behringer makes some good PA packages for those on a budget.