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I went on a road trip this week to see the band SLEEP in Oakland. On the way back to Arizona, my friend and I opted to take the 101 over the boring I-5 to stop at our favorite Knife company's headquarters in Ventura. We realized this was really close to Oxnard and the DW factory.

We called them and asked about tours and they told us they offer them on Thursdays only, and asked if we would be in town the next day, we said sadly no. I figured they would say sorry maybe the next time your in town. To our surprise they said well the factory workers have already went home for the day, but if we wanted to come look around anyway that would be cool. We headed over and they showed us around the factory, and then let us play all the kits they had set up in the show room. it was pretty awesome, I got a few pics of me there, one of a big birch kit they had set up, it sounded so good. The gong bass drum made me sad the biggest floor tom I own is only a puny 18x18! Also they showed us some RD kits, that we couldn't take photos of, but dang they looked so cool. This was a great way to end our trip, and I'd love to take the real factory tour the next time I'm in So-cal.


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Wow, sweet. It sounds awesome.

It's cool to see in person how stuff is made, or things being worked on.
Even though you weren't able to get the full deal tour, I bet it was amazing to see all the stuff. It was cool of them to say "come anyway" too.