Overplaying on Drop - Gavin Harrison/05 Ric?


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So today I pulled out an old(ish) record of mine that I hadn't litened to in a while; Drop by Gavin Harrison and 05Ric.

now when i first picked it up i was still quite a metal head and had trouble listening to the album in its entirety due to the odd singing (he was actually singing and using notes, not screaming for Christ's sake!! jk) and never really got into it as i do for most albums. So a few years later, now that I'm not so partial to only one genre I decided to lisen through it a few times aaaannnd.......WOW I couldn't believe how good the album was!!! The second it was over i replayed it but this time something was different. For some reason listening thru it the second time I couldn't help but feel like Gavin (even though I absolutely love him) was over playing in a few sections. Now it could just be that I'm used to his more subtle approach in Porcupine Tree, but it just felt like it was super busy to me.

Now keep in mind I love bands that play complex music (Dream Theater, King Crimson, The Mars Volta, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Protest The Hero etc.) but Drop just felt a little bit over the top.

What are your guys' thoughts?

(I really hope Gavin doesn't read this, but if he does, please know that I absolutely love and respect you and that your are one of my favorite drummers of all time, and no disrespect was meant.)


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Hi Jonathan,

I think Drop and Circles are great records. I've studied both records in great detail, and have had the great honor of transcribing them both for Gavin and I's upcoming Book/DVD project.

While there are a lot of notes flying by on these albums in comparison to Gavin's work in Porcupine tree, I wouldn't necessarily say that they are for the sake of showing off. This project is indeed a showcase for Gavin and Ric's rhythmic and harmonic prowess, however, as you said, they are great songs. One of the really cool things about this project is hearing Gavin unapologetically "go for" some serious stuff!

The drums certainly have an equal billing on these records, and it certainly is a "sound" that we may not be entirely used to hearing. This is music for the listener. and I think Gavin's playing is completely in context, and brilliant as always.

I may be biased, but that's my 2 cents anyways!



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Jonathan don't be worried if Gavin reads this, everyone is entitled to their opinion :)

I must say when I got this when it came out I knew it wasn't going to be as laid back as Porcupine Tree but it took by suprise really how complex it is!

I guess you have to take it in the context of what this album was about, which was to show off Gavin and Ric's unique musical ideas so I don't think he necessarily overplayed but I do know what you mean...there are points where you want it to just simmer down and lay back into a nice groove but at the same time I think that's just down to being used to hearing Gav play a certain way.

Hope you're well mate,



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I guess you have to take it in the context of what this album was about, which was to show off Gavin and Ric's unique musical ideas so I don't think he necessarily overplayed but I do know what you mean...
These albums really showcase two great musicians, influencing each other and interplaying great. They really get the most out of themselves.
I had to get used to the sound of Ric's voice. He has a wonderful voice and a very specific way of singing which is his own style. Took some time to understand it but I love it.

As the overplaying is concerned, I know what you mean. Because its more technically advanced, it sounds like that. And when it starts to sound advanced, there is always "overplaying" lurking around the corner.

Personally, the second one (Circles) is my favourite. For some reason I think that the arrangements and musical theme's work a bit better on that one. Plus though I find the music more complicated then on the first one, I don't think it's that obvious there somehow.

Gavin just stated in his own topic that they are very slowly working on a new album. Looking forward to it.

Now, hope they tour Europe with this great music. Love to see them at jazz festivals (or opening for porcupine tree)


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The GH05 records definitely have more complex parts than I for one am used to hearing, but considering that it's just the two of them, I think it works. With a bigger group obviously that kind of playing would get out of hand - hence his more reserved work in PT. But as it is, the drums just act as a melody to accompany Ric's.

On the other hand, I still sympathize with the feeling that Drop can get a little too technical - it depends on my mood I think. Circles overall feels much more musical and enjoyable to me.


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Thanks for all the responses everyone!

well its been a while since I first expressed how I felt about this album, and I must say after listening to it yet again (wow imagine that I've listened to it like 4 times. lol) I absolutely love this album!!! I feel that their might be a few sections where GH could of laid back a bit more, and some of the singing takes quite a while to get used to but other than that, I feel I've come full circle. And speaking of Circles, would you guys recommend it?



For what it's worth, I thought it was great! Not the kind of music I can listen to on a daily basis but I can appreciate complex music and awesome drumming! I didn't think it was overplayed.

Admittedly I am partial to the album :)
really? how come... :p


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Admittedly I am partial to the album :)
I certainly hope so!! i know way too many artists that can't stand to listen to their own work.

by the way, I've been listening to Drop non-stop for the last few days, and I can't get enough of it. Especially the track sailing, it evokes this wonderful emotional response in me. So thankyou so much for making this record!!

any chance i could get an autographed copy of Circles?