Overhead Mic Recommendation AT4022 or Earthworks


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Recommendation needed

Looking for 2 kick a** overhead mic’s
for gigs, mostly outdoor, some inside, 5 piece band, genre - lighter rock, country, folk, R&B.
I'd like to also use "1" of the mics for a Cajon to pick up a Cymbal, sizzle board (on thigh) and foot tambourine.
I'm looking at Audio-Technica AT4022 or Earthworks TC20 or Earthworks M23.
Anyone used any of these?


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Yea I love my Ew SR25’s


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behringer C1 should be good for a fraction of the price of the EV. i use two for my OH in my Garage, and a third for the Kick( although it's a Little Boomy on the Kick.)

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